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Natively the Sound Bridge has support for Apple Rendezvous and i Tunes, Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10 (WMP 10), as well as any music service that uses Windows Media DRM 10 such as Napster, Music Match and

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For the more advanced user however, the Sound Bridge opens the door to a large number of possibilities.

Some server software allows you to even modify the way your Sound Bridge display looks and operates.

This is a considerable disappointment, but Roku should not be at fault.

We have yet to test a non-Apple based networked media player that has the appropriate licenses to play i Tunes protected material.

And while the Sound Bridge doesn’t look like another CD player, it is attractive enough that it fits the job – and it does it with minimalism.

Measuring 17-inches wide for the M2000, this networked player is the same width as your home theater components ensuring that it will fit in the same audio rack.Update 12/14/04 – Roku just released on 12/13/05 an update, Software version 2.1 which includes direct support for Internet radio without using a PC server.They added this update after our article was sent to copy editing.The Sound Bridge chassis is made up of a silver pipe-shaped body, a large text display and has two removable plastic end-caps.The end caps house the inputs you will use to connect the Sound Bridge to your home theater.We have reviewed a large number of media devices this year, some look like network routers while others look like mini-computers, but none of them have looked as good as the Roku Sound Bridge.

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