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Focusing on you during the chaos of the holidays might be the healthiest move you make.

While it's fun to occasionally throw caution to the wind, this is not the best time to do that. There's no finish line you need to rush to, so putting on the breaks a bit will actually be a good thing.

"Instead of jumping feet first, take the time for self analyzation, prioritize self-love, and give yourself the space to try fresh approaches in love," suggests Jaye.

In fact, it seems to be the less risky choice to make.

For many widowers and widows, dating after a loss requires support and the empathetic company of people who understand the situation. We prioritize compatibility: matching personalities, locations and, crucially, life experiences.

If you're looking for companionship, connection and for American singles who understand loving after loss, then why not try Elite Singles today?

Moving on from losing a partner is one of the hardest things a person can deal with.This can mean different things for different people: some may want to get remarried, while others might want to start with friendship and go from there.No matter which approach you prefer, when trying out widower or widow dating it is vital to take the time to work out just what it is you want from a new potential partner.If you think you can handle it, instead of just taking it slow, you might want to consider keeping it casual.In fact, seeing this as a trial period could actually be a good move for both you and the future of your relationship."To use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage," says Jaye, "use these three weeks as a testing ground in this new love combination, to further define what’s important to you and what will truly make you happy." It's hard to ignore the fact that maybe, even if you've met this fantastic, amazing, wonderful human being, and can't wait to start your life with them, you should think about waiting until Mercury Retrograde is over and done with for the year before making things official.

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