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Valentine's Day, a day, lovers are expected to light the candle of their love and share it in the most intimate ways.For the 'Selense' crooner, there's a Valentine's Day she would never forget.

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He returned to Nigeria to support these men in court.

He says that had local media not found out about the arrest the police would have been paid off and "the boys would be home"."These are poor gay men.

He spent a night in lock up where he says he was "beaten with a stick, hammer and plywood"."There was a hall in the police station premises and they gathered us and stripped us and said we should sleep on the floor."About 70 people were arrested that night, but according to Akin about 30 men were able to pay between $18 and $36 for police to let them out.

Bisi Alimi was the first gay man in Nigeria to come out on national television, later seeking asylum in England.

They were charged with engaging in "gay activities" by allowing other men "to have carnal knowledge of themselves against the order of nature".

Since his arrest, Femi has been kicked out of home and now shuttles between friends' lounges and lovers' beds.

For 23-year-old Femi*, a night out celebrating a birthday with friends ended with a month and two days in jail because of his sexuality.

In late July, Femi and his friends were among 40 gay men and boys, some as young as 13, who were arrested at a gay nightspot in a hotel in the back blocks of Nigeria's economic capital, Lagos.

He kept the relationship a secret until his father accused him of being "gay and acting girly".

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