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TV Guide: Can you see doing another four or five episodes next year?

But I don't know whether there should be an allusion to it at the end, whenever the series goes its merry way.

TV Guide: Which may never be the way things are going now.

But we're the first ones to make fun of ourselves, to skewer ourselves. TV Guide: Can we assume that in some of your episodes, Jack O'Neill will actually be interacting for real? I voiced my surprise when I ended up doing more "Atlantis" [] episode coming that will be meaty and substantial.

TV Guide: That's clear, looking at the 200th episode! TV Guide: Did you feel as if you walked right back into something you knew very well? Anderson: More than when I flew in to do the chess or checkers scene last year. So anyway, it was a week's worth of hiking out on the ice floes, really being exposed with a broken ankle, and then I flew in to do this thing and I was just miserable.

Anderson: My assessment is that for the writers, this is their [way of] getting back at everybody especially the actors. They've been able to allude to some of the personality problems and things that have happened along the way, to openly slap us upside the head, which we deserve. If you don't have happy actors and people who have a sense of humor first and foremost about themselves, then it can be ugly. I'm ecstatic that they've done well, and that it continues to do well. The week prior, I had been in Prince Edward Island, and I was doing the seal-hunt protest.... I couldn't remember the lines, I couldn't really see or hear very well, we shot an exterior, the light was too bright for my eyes.... That was the last thing I did on the show and it just tasted bad. In one, Richard takes the bouquet out of Amanda's hands and gives it to Michael.

TV Guide: As far as you know, is anyone hurt by the ribbing? TV Guide: Is it true that the writers are also giving the fans what they've always wanted? In another, Richard takes Michael's hand at the altar, which causes the assembled cast and crew to erupt in applause.

I think that started us off in the right direction. But I think at the root of it all is there's a lot of respect and a lot of fun.

My only demand as a producer was that everyone had to have a sense of humor to work around here, because it's not life and death. First and foremost, get the job done and be professional about it, but my god, please be able to giggle at yourself and at a situation.

I really would have to have a big conversation with my family, with my daughter and other people, because sitting here now, on a Wednesday, I won't see Wylie until Saturday, and it's that kind of thing that I miss. Most of the time I can let that stuff bounce off me, but my relationship with her is so, so important.

I'll work again, but what I do with Stargate remains to be seen.

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