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Specifically, the service verifies that the account is an actual issued account, that its check digit is valid, and that it is open and not in lost or stolen status.An Account Verification is always performed whenever the Payment Account Validation API is called.

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All Visa issuers support Account Verification requests. However, Visa retains the right to review your project implementation of this API before production on-boarding to ensure that it is being used appropriately.

The Payment Account Validation API is available for use by any developer in sandbox and production.

The Action Code in the response message indicates the result of the verification check.

If there are no negative conditions, and the account is in good standing, the Action Code will contain code 00 (approved) or code 85 (no reason to decline) and an Approval Code will be included in the response message.

Before using the API, it is important to understand what the available methods are and how they work.

The API currently has three methods of account validation: Account Verification, the Address Verification Service (AVS), and Card Verification Value (CVV2) Validation.For unsuccessful verifications, the issuer or Visa (acting on the issuer's behalf) will return an appropriate negative response code.You can find a complete listing of all of the Action Code values on the Request and Response Code Reference. If you request an Address Verification or CVV2 Validation from a non-participating issuer, you will receive an appropriate Action Code in the response. issuers are required to support Address Verification Service and CVV2 Validation requests; participation in both services is optional for all other issuers.Depending on the optional services you choose, additional variables will be required in the request.

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