Meridian sedating and strengthening points

It may not relieve all of the pain but it will make the pain much more bearable. I hope that you will find pain relief in all of the techniques given.

meridian sedating and strengthening points-66

Once you are familiar with this trail, find the specific point(s) that correspond with the meridian that has been out of balance and hold the point(s) for two to three minutes per meridian.

On the chart given by Donna Eden (see the video below at 55 seconds or ) there is a darkened circle at the bottom of the head which is a neurolymphatic reflex point that you can massage to open the energy and the blood flow of the neurovascular points.

The points held may include: The points you hold to strengthen the flow of energy into a meridian are called strengthening points.

The points you hold to free the energy that are either overcharged or blocked are called sedating points.

The sedating points strengthen meridians by releasing excess energy.

Sedating points are used for pain control and in other situations where the energy has become blocked or overcharged.

This fact alone can afford you more compassion for yourself and others.

A wonderful thing about holding the neurovasculars is that you don’t have to try to be positive while you do it.

It’s better, in fact, to sink into the full unpleasantness of the negative feeling while holding these points.

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