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Shifting one’s cultural identity with new roles, values and beliefs in the new society is a start.

Also, engaging with people outside of your own ethnic group work helps that adjustment.

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He had to transition and adapt the way he understood himself in the new environment.

It is this kind of transition that newcomers will experience throughout resettlement.

New identity For many, that success directly ties to their ability to adapt their perceptions of their identity in a new cultural context.

When my parents and I first moved to Canada, my father’s beliefs, values and customs made it more difficult for him to initially adapt and create a new cultural identity.

But wanting to stay in these comfort zones tends to isolate immigrants from the dominant culture, perpetuating stereotypes of various ethnic groups and creating a silo effect.

When newcomers live in ethnic silos, whether they are geographical or social, it separates them from the outside community and isolates them.

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Avoiding isolation Part of that adaptation also means connecting with new types of people.

It is, of course, a human trait that “like attracts like,” and many immigrants prefer to hold onto their previous cultures and traditions by surrounding themselves with those of similar backgrounds.

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