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In other instances, the abuse is very overt and could include yelling, tantrums and even physical assaults.But the outcome is the same: the employee living in a constant state of paranoia, fear, and subservience.For the best example of this—please see Theon Greyjoy in Psychological and verbal abuse is usually what occurs.

In this case, your annual wages cost a second of the company’s hourly profits.

In other words, your hard work is a very bad deal for you, and a killer opportunity for the suits upstairs. ” is a psychological taunt that bad employers use to try and keep their wage-slaves from believing they can do any better.

But in other instances, the company is expending such minimal resources that they are taking advantage of you.

In the worst case scenario, through a combination of slave-driving principles and psychological techniques to break you down, such a job can morph into something very similar to actual slavery.

Feeling motivated based on high-standards and being scared to go below those standards is one thing, but being genuinely scared of the people you’re working for is another.

Slave-masters maintain systems of fear, to break down their subjects and perhaps—in time—build them back up.Minimal wage makes some sense in small businesses just starting out.But, In America, .25 an hour, or less, from a large, billion-dollar corporation is inexcusable.If this is the case, then what exactly is your reason for working at this company?Inconvenient hours are inevitable in jobs, but some companies will abuse the system.Read carefully the ten warning-signs you’re in a cult by the Cult Education Institute.

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