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Truth be told I didn’t understand 80% of what they were talking about.

I only watched it for Mao’s screen time, but I did get the gist of the whole drama through their actions and for a drama in the 90’s, I could say it was well done.

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In this drama, Mao acted as Yoshizawa Ami, the prime minister’s grand-daughter in this drama’s first episode.

She was basically a guest star only so there’s not much screen time for her since the main star here is Nagase Tomoya.

But since this was a whole lot of a different character from the usual once I’ve seen, I tried to enjoy it for what it is., she’s casted to act alongside another veteran actor, Ito Hideaki.

Mao played as Fukunaga Mio, Kano Kazuki’s sickly sister who has a heart disease and may not live long enough to even have her first kiss or rather first love.

Though she tends to cry-scowl-cry a lot in this drama, I still like watching her be absorbed in her character.

Iwasaki Mineko is a real life Geisha portrayed by Inoue Mao.

It was heartwarming and gave out thoughtful lessons about family.

Mao’s character here as Kariya Sakura was meek and mild.

is a one time drama which Mao acted alongside Nakamura Toru, again! Toru also doesn’t seem like he’s getting older, he’s like the Japanese version of Johnny Depp! This is another one of her drama which has a lot of big time veteran actors among the casts but it’s a comedy and a total crackpot if you ask me.

It’s so cool that after a couple of years they were able to act together, not as father and daughter but as lovers this time. Its target audience are mostly kids and those family oriented people.

It’s cute though, and I read some article that it became a hit hairstyle back in the 90’s because of her character.

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