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To adjust the cash amount before you deposit, create an Over/Short account in Peachtree and manually transfer the over or short amount into this account by creating a Journal Entry inside Peachtree.Step 4: Check Tender Summary Account At the end of each day, it is to check the Tender Summary account in Peachtree, as it is used as an additional audit trail account. Every day after Peachtree is updated by Accu POS, you should check the balance of this account.

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If the ending cash for the shift is either over or short, Accu POS will still report the total cash that should have been collected.

The Over/Short on the Z report does not transfer to Peachtree.

To perform a reset using Accu POS Retail Management: After hitting the Z Out button, Accu POS will automatically log the user out of the till and a reset report will print through the receipt printer.

This report is similar to the one generated when resetting a till from Accu POS Retail Management but formatted to print through the receipt printer.

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It’s also more organized for the accounting end with Peachtree.

Now that all sales are cleared for that till and the till is logged out, it can be reset.

If this account has a Zero balance that means that sales have posted correctly.

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