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Be cautious Once you’ve established a rapport via email and telephone, arrange to meet as soon as possible.

If you wait too long to meet, you may end up becoming phone friends and will not move on to the next level.

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The date of registration is always shown on the first page of the regulation.

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If someone sends you a message online, they’ve taken the time to read about you and are interested in meeting you in person.

If you’re not interested, it’s always a nice gesture to send a reply of ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ You’ll be glad you did. This is something that can get lost in our fast-paced, modern technology and superficial, and fleeting moments of human contact.

With the proliferation of online dating sites and social networking groups, more and more older adults and seniors are finding love and companionship through new and different channels than previously possible.

If you’re single and looking to find a mate, you should try both online dating and speed dating –two alternative methods of meeting new people.

These are the Acts as enacted by the Legislature, beginning with the 1988-89 legislative session. If an Act has been amended and is still in force, the amended version can be found among the consolidated Acts. For example, each year the Legislative Assembly enacts an Appropriation Act giving the government expenditure authority for a fiscal year.

They are grouped into two subcategories: Annual Chapters. They typically do not amend other Acts, are seldom amended, and are usually effective for a limited time or purpose.

Before receiving royal assent, a bill must pass through various stages of review and approval in the Legislative Assembly. It includes a link to the text of each proclamation after 2009.

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