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Downstairs are now profoundly sorry for these hapless victims and are utterly committed to do all they can to comfort their new friends.

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In addition to the listed writer/s, it should be assumed that the script editor, Alfred Shaughnessy, also had story input into each episode to a greater or lesser extent.

Shaughnessy's own scripts were edited by John Hawkesworth, the producer.

Particular set pieces which remain in the mind: Hudson's dramatic reading to the other servants of an article from the newspaper about the sinking of the is slightly below par, being somewhat slower and less dramatic than the other 12 segments, but this is a small complaint.

As in the previous year, at the Emmys, Angela Baddeley was again nominated for Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress.

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Hudson is dismayed but takes the couple to see James and Hazel who offer their congratulations.

James is notified that he will not return to the front line and has been moved to a safe desk job as part of the General Nesfield's staff.

Georgina speaks fluent French and when she meets the Belgian family, she clarifies minor misunderstandings on both sides.

The family relate their horrific experiences of the German invasion – the old man's wife went missing and was never found, he lost his son and grandson in the fighting, his daughter's husband was executed by the Germans, and his grand-daughter was killed in bombing.

Names in square brackets are uncredited on the episode's on-screen titles.

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