Italian men black womendating

I met a lovely couple on a shuttle bus in Rome this weekend.

Both of them grew up in Europe and then moved to Philadelphia.

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So start putting your shoe money aside, ladies, and go, woman, go! Do you find that when you travel abroad, you’re approached by men of different ethnic backgrounds?

Are you more open to dating across cultures when you’re on the road than you are at home?

It would have been a great opportunity to ask them about their experiences traveling as an African American couple, but asking that sort of question seems inappropriate and awkward in some situations. I am always interested to see how people react when I tell them that I am studying Journalism and African and African American studies. When I was talking to the couple, the wife responded in the first way, but the husband was a skeptic, so I knew that I should not ask them about their experiences traveling while black.

It definitely is not your usual casual banter, especially when the question is coming from a white girl. After you tell people that you are studying abroad, the next question after “where? After I got home, I researched online some more about the African American experience in Italy.

Perhaps guys in other countries and cultures see us as exotic and different; perhaps they’ve seen Hollywood films, heard rap songs and buy into stereotypes of black women as hypersexed and easy. But many genuinely find us attractive—natural hair, mocha skin, and all.

And what woman doesn’t want to feel adored and appreciated for who she is?

And have your experiences with men of other races and national backgrounds shaped your perceptions about black women’s beauty and desirability?

I love travel and see new places, love read and study..

Many Black women aren’t used to the level of attention they get from the men in Italy. But it’s also why the ladies have such a good time.

It’s fun when 50 or so black American women descend on a popular club in Rome and find themselves to be quite literally the ‘bellas’ of the evening.”I’ve written in this blog about a romantic encounter with a Frenchman in the South of France, being asked out by a young Italian after dining at his restaurant, and generally being treated as a fascinating creature by men of various backgrounds when traveling solo around the world. The point is, many times African-American women feel more love from men abroad than we get here at home.

I didn’t see the fight, but from all accounts I’ve seen, Manny won the fight on everyone’s scorecard but two of the three judges.

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