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I’ve heard Renesola and Yingli, among others, have very impressive Chinese factories. Of course, a lot of wary consumers are making sure they get quality by simply demanding panels made elsewhere, like Germany, Australia or Malaysia etc.

The downside of this strategy, of course is that you will be paying extra dollars for non-chinese panels.

If it matches one of the companies on the second list, that is a sign that the company is probably one of the better Chinese solar panel producers.

Well, the safest way has always been to go for a genuine ‘Tier 1″ panel.

The problem here is that some sales people out there will swear on their mother’s life that the Tier 3 junk they are selling is really Tier 1 (usually because they have given it a German sounding name like “Mettwurst Solar”). Well the first thing to understand is that there is no definitive list of “Tier 1” solar panels in Australia.

My last "real job" was working for the CSIRO in their renewable energy division.

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Now – you may be wondering where the all the “Tier 1” Chinese manufacturers are on that 2nd list. The only one to get back to me was Renesola who replied: And the same is most likely true for the other “Tier 1” suppliers – their factory name is probably very different to their global brand.

So – if you are a bit of a bargain hunter and you want to do your research on a Chinese panel that is not “Tier 1”, I suggest you look for the company name on the panel spec sheet or on the web (or ask your installer).Identifying those from the 600-1000 Chinese manufacturers that should not be touched with a bargepole has always been a challenge. Enter the Chinese Government In early January (2014) those fun guys in the Chinese Government released a list of Chinese solar panel manufacturers that they approved of. Well, the Chinese pollies assure us that they’ve had an “expert review” of over 500 companies and assessed them on “solar panel manufacturing norms and conditions” such as: They ended up with a list of 109 battery, silicon and panel manufacturers who they approve.The companies on the list will be eligible for government support, export tax rebates and can bid on government tenders.The implication from the Chinese Ministry is that if you ain’t on the list you may not last much longer!It sounds to me like a move by China to cull the Chinese panel oversupply and stop the relentless downward march of panel prices over the last 5 years.And if you think there are good Chinese panels not covered in those lists – feel free to harangue me in the comments!

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