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A younger value of 783 ± 11 ka was obtained by Spell and Mc Dougall (1992) from Valles lava by Ar.

Thus, due their sporadic character volcanic rocks are unable to deliver the complete picture of geomagnetic transition.

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They propose that reversing field is characterized by a precursor event, a full polarity change and rebound.

The polarity “switch” seems to occur during in less than 1000 years which is too brief to be accurately recorded by the sedimentary rocks. doi: 10.3389/feart.2015.00011 © 2015 Soler-Arechalde, Goguitchaichvili, Carrancho, Sedov, Caballero-Miranda, Ortega, Solis, Morales Contreras, Urrutia-Fucugauchi and Bautista.

Here, we report a detailed paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic investigation on some radiometrically dated chromic Luvisols located in Central Mexico carrying detrital or chemical remanent magnetization.

The research was developed in order (i) to demonstrate the primary origin of the recorded magnetic remanence and (ii) to show that paleosols are good candidates to provide a high resolution record of the behavior of Earth magnetic field during geomagnetic reversals.

We propose that the transition recorded in this study correspond to the Brunhes-Matuyama boundary andabstractthat the chromic Luvisols are potentially good recorders of the paleosecular variation.

The identification of the Brunhes-Matuyama boundary within the studied sequence has fundamental significance for improving the chronological scale of Tlaxcala paleosol-sedimentary sequence and its correlation with the global proxies.

Sediments can provide continuous records of magnetic field variation, while data from lavas, due to the sporadic nature of volcanic activity, yield rather discontinuous records of geomagnetic field variation.

Some rapidly deposited sedimentary rocks offered relatively continuous records of reversal transitions available.

A still debated question is whether reversals and secular variation are different features, or whether the polarity changes may be considered as an extreme expression of the secular variation.

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