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READ MORE: * Auckland's phoney homeless make 0 a day on the streets * They fight, take drugs, and sleep rough: can the chronically homeless be saved? He felt that life slipping away as he got heavier - for fat-ism, he'd learned, is a thing.* Homeless women targeted for sex * The 'streeties' of Lower Queen: life on the edge in the centre of the city His journey to homelessness was via an alter-ego Ross' mum dubbed "Rupert". By his early 40s, Ross weighed 140kg and decided to get gastric bypass surgery. He emerged from the operating theatre almost half his original weight, and his prospects soared.That was quite a turning point and my flatmate told me to go."DOING 'HOLLYWOOD' AT THE HILTONThat was in September.

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There were rent boys, lengthy Sky City massages, charging up the credit cards at Queen St's luxury lifestyle shops. He'd side-step the bedraggled beggars dotting downtown Auckland, never thinking that the next month he'd be joining them."I remember feeling very Hollywood. He'd thrown his phone away to avoid all the "get help", "stop being so bloody narcissistic", and "eff off" texts from friends and colleagues.

COROMANDEL SWANSONGIn October, $52,000 later, Ross' credit cards ran out.

We took to the streets to learn about those on society's edge in the city's centre, whose current way of life the council hopes to eliminate.

Ross never imagined that in his mid-40s he'd be sleeping under a tree on a smelly old mattress with only a stolen towel to keep him warm.

"But I didn't stoop to drinking meths, or anything cheap – I did have standards.

Ha."He flew to America for a holiday and drank himself into a blackout state on arrival. Returning to Brisbane was off the cards and at the urging of his mum, Ross flew back to Auckland to get help from the Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS). "That was a dirty word, and besides, I was surely just stressed," he says, wryly.

If you want to do it without Facebook, here are eight options.

Auckland Council has announced it will count the city's rough sleepers to fully grasp the scale of homelessness.

He never thought he'd "knock up a couple of lesbians" either.

The now 51-year-old grew up in a loving Hamilton home, drove a fancy European car, and "only flew business class, darling".

His parents were practicing tough love, so the family wasn't in contact."I decided to drive down to Waihi Beach, where my parents lived," he says. Eventually neighbours called the cops, who rolled up to ask the mysterious and clearly addled character what he was up to.

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