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Facebook is pushing hard to be the mobile messaging platform of choice for many users.

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It is meant more to serve as a calling service, though, and its messaging function is rudimentary at best.

Kik and Viber are similar to Chat On in that they are cross-platform apps that require people to use the same app in order to communicate back and forth.

Rather than replace SMS, mobile chat apps should be used to supplement SMS and get around it when possible. It's really nice to chat with people, share pics and videos with full security.

One more nice chatting web app I created : It allows you to geolocalize public/private chatrooms so you can easily share your hobbies/help each other with people you don't know yet but are physically around you. You should have Priv Chat which is a unique mobile social app, designed specifically for the privacy protection. People can also win the price by participating in its survey by clicking you can try cc Ping as well, it doesnt have the fun stuffs that most people move away from SMS for, but for business its good as it has cloud storage integration, auto message expiry and OOB-pin encrypted chat.

[ When you do send a message, do you type with your thumbs? Many smartphones have them built in, and others are available from Black Berry World, the Google Play Store, the i Phone App Store and the Windows Phone Store, among other places.

Some of the more popular include Black Berry Messenger, Chat On, i Message, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk/Voice, Kik, Skype, Viber and Whats App. Some work only with other devices running the same platform, while others only work with devices using the same app. Black Berry Messenger is Black Berry's age-old messaging service.

Google Talk shares its base functionality with Google Messenger, which is a separate chatting app that hooks into Android users' Google accounts.

Android devices typically have both Google Talk and Google Messenger installed.

Google Messenger also functions from within the dedicated i Phone/i Pad version of the Google application.

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