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The rules for establishing residency in a state will vary widely by state, so it’s important to fully research the states you are considering for your situation.Some are more difficult than others, and the sequence of what you need to do first (get an address, driver’s license, register vehicles, etc.) can vary by quite a bit.Of those, Texas, South Dakota and Florida tend to be the three most popular choices for their combination of benefits that support nomadic travelers and their ease of establishing your intent.

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You need to also be aware of what the local laws are for the places you actually find yourself staying at and have connections to.

You may intend to be considered domiciled in, say, South Dakota – but if you spend most your time in a more tax-aggressive state you may find yourself unintentionally considered as a resident – and thus owing state taxes, or being ticketed for not having your vehicles properly registered (Here’s a guide from AAA that goes over vehicle registration rules for each state.) If you’re going to be in a state regularly and long enough to meet their residency conditions, it may be a good idea to just setup your domicile there anyway.

The state you originate your nomadic journey from may actually not be at all advantageous to you as a nomad – or it might be very advantageous, but difficult to establish as a new nomadic resident.

But first, let’s talk about the difference between being a Resident and being Domiciled.

Depending upon your unique situation, different states will make better sense for different people.

If you’re earning an income, a state without a state income tax may be most appealing.

Each states sets its own rules as to what constitutes ‘bodily presence’, leaving you with the task of proving your intent.

And it’s important to keep in mind – you are proving your intent not only to your new state, but also the state you are moving from – as well as any other state that may want to claim you for taxation.

And the more you do to establish the intent, the more bullet proof your residency is should it ever be called into question.

It makes the most sense to use the same address for everything – identification, insurance, vehicle registrations, voting, tax filing, bills, bank & credit card statements, etc.

But before selecting that address, you need to first select which state you want it to be in .

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