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The Golden Knights forward left the game only briefly before returning and played in Game 2.Some thought the more controversial play in that sequence was David Perron’s run-in off the bench with Alex Ovechkin.Should Kuznetsov have to miss time, it’s likely Backstrom will move up to the top line as he did for the remainder of Game 2 and Lars Eller, following one of the best games of his career, would also likely see a promotion.

While it doesn’t appear Kuznetsov has a head injury, did Mc Nabb hit him in the head, with his elbow, or jump into the check?

I would only imagine everyone calling for the suspension of Wilson yesterday will be echoing Their arguments for Mc Nabb. Xy SSRP5 — BEN BOBECK (@bobecktweets) May 31, 2018 As you’ll recall, Capitals winger Tom Wilson escaped suspension for a very late hit on Jonathan Marchessault in Game 1 of the Cup Final.

As a Plus member Y-cam will store all your recorded videos and alarm events securely in the Y-cam cloud for the last 30 days, allowing you to see exactly what has been going on Your Protect Hub has a built-in SIM card which activates automatically when you become a Plus member.

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There's also remote viewing through the La View Net app on your smart phone.

I also just want to state that this is not an easy install for most people.

To address these environmental concerns there is a need for data and processed information that is easily accessible.

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I've dealt with brands from Night Owl, Lorex, Swann, and La View. I purchased this La View system for my personal property because of the price and functionality.

But in the win the Capitals may have suffered a massive loss, as leading scorer Evgeny Kuznetsov left the game in the first period with an apparent hand injury after taking a hit from Brayden Mc Nabb.

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