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Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution near New Castle houses about 400 inmates and detainees who cannot post bail. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington to the Baylor prison in June 2014.Way, 50, has been a correctional officer since 1988 and has been promoted over the years to the post of security superintendent, known as major, of which there are seven in the state.The resurgence in interest in the Sex Pistols, surrounding the much anticipated, remastered, rerelease of "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols" (out September 24th) has turned up not only long lost recordings from 1977, but also some never seen before images of the band from the Silver Jubilee year.

He pleaded not guilty but didn't appear for his trial in February 2004, leading a judge to issue a capias warrant for his arrest.

He pleaded guilty that March and was ordered to pay $125 in fines and court costs.

"Delaware law and Department of Correction policy strictly prohibit inappropriate relationships between correctional staff and any offender under our supervision, and we promote an environment that urges anyone to report suspicious behavior to our staff," Coupe said.

"This investigation began when such a report was made to, and immediately acted upon by, the leadership of the Baylor Women's Correctional Institution.

After he sued, court records show, Way retaliated in several ways, such as cursing at him, putting him in solitary confinement during recreation periods, reading his personal mail and court case notes over the prison intercom and refusing to let him call his attorney. Case files for that arrest – and two subsequent ones – are stored in state archives.

Way also threatened to "kick his ass," Atkinson claimed, and once pulled him from his bed while he slept, saying he thought he was dead, court records showed. In August 2002, while on probation for the drunken driving conviction, Way was charged with disorderly conduct.The News Journal does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.Efforts to reach Way, who lists an address in the Dover area, have been unsuccessful.(Above) John Lydon and Sid Vicious performing on board The Jubilee boat trip. (Above & below) John Lydon (Rotten) and Sid Vicious, projecting their now iconic punk personas. (Below) Proof that Union Jack bunting is not a new idea. And here, if anyone needs reminding is "God Save The Queen", the track that created much of the famous controversy, along with Jamie Reid's album cover and its eight letter shocker.The album boxset also includes lots of visual rarities to add further cultural references of the time, including these reproduced front covers, demonstrating the impact that the album made in 1977.Prosecutors dropped those charges three months later.

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