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The problem with this scent is that I can hardly detect any tobacco at all.

Instead, all I get is an overly sweet, dense, syrupy vanilla, enhanced with some candied-fruity overtones and perhaps some honey.

Except for the boozy yet beautiful Velvet Orchid, all the other TF fragrances turn horrible as soon as they touch my skin.

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Tobacco Vanille is a technically brilliant fragrance, as are most Tom Fords.

But it won’t please everyone, despite its best-seller status.

Especially if i have mixed feelings about how a scent is performing.

The tonka bean and the vanilla makes everything sweeter. Yes, after a while the scent is mostly those sweet dried fruits. No offense to anyone but I find this to be extremely cloying and nothing special. The vanilla here is top notch but it's so linear and thick.

It (I Don't Want You Back), single "I know I didn't do it the right way.

Given Name: Eamon Doyle Age: 34 (9/19/1983)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: F. Considering the reviews surrounding this being a "beast mode" operator, my experience with my batch leaves plenty to be desired.If you are into dark and spicy sweet as am I the scent measures up.Often, these “cigars in a country club by the fireside” type fragrances are not able to sufficiently turn up the volume of the requisite notes to create sufficient impact.You can only add so much tobacco and smoke before things turn acrid, bitter and urinous. I get more honey and clove than vanilla but maybe It's the fruits(dried fruits, dried peach? This works well for mid 20's and up but anyone with a suit can pull it off.While the tobacco gives it just enough kick to calm down anything overpowering. 8/10 because its a "go to" and because it saves me when i need it to! (Small amount of tobacco mixed to those explains the not-pretty weirdness.) May be special, but not pretty. There is no change from the top to the drydown at all.

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