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Some played versions of themselves (Matthew Mc Conaughey, Lucy Liu), while others were barely recognizable (a young Kat Dennings, Andy Cohen).

Here, a look back at some of the famous faces who crossed paths with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte over the years.

It was and is sexy to walk around naked with him crawling behind me, wanting to touch, but knowing he can’t. * A year later, with me now firmly in the dominant role, I found myself wanted to explore even further. One of my favourite songs is on and I sign along to it. John has already started to quietly get undressed quietly get undressed. “I won’t get up, not until you say,” he says in his most submissive voice. I tremble, leaning back into it, wanting the treatment. At least, not this time,” I grin at John, who smiles at me, winking in agreement. I do want to do it again, many times to come,” Dale says.

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I once bought him a butt plug and made him wear it to work. I find the best angle in the bedroom before placing it in the far right corner. I draw the shades close, closing out the sun, which is shining brightly into the room. They give off a soft glow, perfectly lighting the room. I buck my hips towards him, wanting to feel his tongue directly on my clit. He dines on me like he has not had pussy in a while. My clit is swollen hard again, I reach under and toy with it. He fucks me harder and each passing moment my moans grow. We’re all moaning, shivering with need, so close to impending orgasms. I’m shocked he dares to jerk so fast, being afraid of coming. His tip glistens in the light, pre-cum running down his shaft. He starts to come, stiffens hard, before shooting such a big load.

I sent naughty photos of myself to him and told him he wasn’t allowed to come the entire day. He is finally going to get to see me in action with someone else. When I’m happy with the room, I take out what needs to be used and head back downstairs. Come on." I take his hand, leading him into the dining room. He glares at me in frustration, clearly showing me how hot and bothered it was. I ghostly dance my fingers over it as he teases me so. I have a feeling he likes the scene that is created between Dale and me. I lick my lips, wanting to taste him in my mouth suddenly.

He already knows when to expect something juicy and new and he becomes quite excited when I’m wearing my dark nylons and pink knickers. It barely covers my arse, showing off the bottoms of my butt cheeks. He pulls one of my breasts free from my bra cup, sucking on my nipple, hard! I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted,” I moan out, feeling John sucking on my nipple just as hard. His large hands are all over me, touching me everywhere I've wanted him to for weeks now. John props my legs open, guiding himself between my legs, bathing my thighs in kisses. Though, I’d love to see what is going on, but just hearing it is fucking hot,” he whimpers, just as I take my knickers and hang them off his head. Sucking him further, my teeth graze along his flesh. I haven’t had another man’s cock inside me in over five years. I suck on him gently, milking him dry, making sure his balls are as empty as John’s.

Whenever I dress in the morning, I make sure he notices what I’m wearing. My breasts, which are still covered by my bra, are on show. I yelp out, shaking and arching my hips towards him. When his mouth moves south, kissing along my stomach, he dips his tongue into my belly button. He takes my knickers and begins to pull them upwards, pressing hard against my swollen clit. This causes Dale to moan out, hearing me beg and plead with someone else to please me, his cock stiff as a steel rod. He hooks his thumbs on the elastic band before tugging them down my thighs and over my legs. He doesn’t make me wait very long before his tongue finds my clit. I sink my teeth a bit further down, which is what sends him over the edge. I lick the tip of his slit before standing, then I kiss him deeply. The excitement is such a turn on, I want to rush, but also not. When I’m satisfied they are, I suck him out of my mouth.

I think he was a little shocked, but he agreed, just as I knew he would. My toes move along his inner thigh, pressing slightly on his cock. Come, take my hand and follow me,” I lead him up to the bedroom with his hand in mine. His cock, which hasn’t gone down once since he has been home, still stands tall. “Damn girl, I wish more woman answered their doors dressed like that. With his cock greased with my fluids, he begins to thrust inside me, quickly. He bites harder on my breast, leaving his teeth marks in my flesh.

He had never heard of cuckolding, but he was completely game, as long as he wasn’t the one being cuckold. * Waking up first this morning, I quickly jump into the shower, wanting to make sure my husband watches me dress. A huge grin is on my face as he begins to stir, pressing himself a little more into me. When we finish by five thirty, I ask him, “You trust me, don’t you, darling? “More than anyone, of course, my love,” he states, with no hesitation. His dark hair cropped short, his blue eyes twinkling with anticipation, his strong jaw line set tight. He turns around and I reach up the best I can, tying the scarf around his eyes. I don't have a blindfold, but the scarf fits well enough. Once there, I take him to the chair I brought up earlier. Don’t mind me.” “As if I would mind you undressing me, love,” he smiles. Once he is completely undressed, I inform him I’m going to put his plug in. I lube the toy and his arse I slide the toy in slowly, teasingly. My fingers ghosting at the same pace as he drives inside me. I tighten around him, like a vice, squeezing tightly. You have my permission,” I tell him, just as John thrusts himself hard into me, banging deep into my core, causing me to moan. I am so close to coming without even having to touch myself. Spurt after hard spurt, he fills me with everything he has until he is utterly empty.

“No, I guess you wouldn’t, smart arse,” I tell him, coming back into the room.

I lie my clothes down before going to my dresser to pull out my favourite pink knickers. I look at him and see he has his nose shoved back into his phone.

I was shocked and confused, trying to think and figure out how he could possibly feel this way. Dale has done as I asked, but I can’t help but laugh. Copyright © All stories and audio recordings appearing on the Lush Stories web site by the Author Poppet are reserved.

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