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Remember that these aren't always ethnic in the literal sense we're used to — they just refer to groups who are targeted for their physical appearance or for having inborn traits that they can't really change.

Foreign/unusual accents and dialects are also typically considered speech impediments, and therefore become subjects of mockery much like Acceptable Hard Luck Targets.

Hispanics and/or Latinos This group has become an increasingly unacceptable target in the United States due to the growing amount of immigration (and therefore political votes and purchasing power) of these people.

Plus the fact that young Filipino boys are now seen as a kind of catch-all for what gay men are supposed to be into. Or when done by other black people for the sake of comedy.

Racism against blacks in the media is generally considered unacceptable in contemporary America, and receives more attention than racism against any other group for various reasons.

For most of America's history, blacks were considered an acceptable ethnic target (see Minstrel Shows, Once Acceptable Targets).

Most European and South American nations are the same.

a mock democracy run by a clique of corrupt generals).

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that most Slavic countries are significantly poorer than their West European neighbors and their history of being sold as slaves or discriminated against in some of the most egregious ways known to mankind, having them portrayed in an unfavorable (or rather "traditional") light very rarely results in backlash similar in any way to that whenever the offended party is of not-White and/or not-Christian origins.The latter typically portray themselves as whatever kind of doofus works best, and are usually reviled for it by other Turk-descended German citizens.The Scottish Much like the Irish, they are portrayed as drunk and violent, with emphasis on violent.While they brought various interesting and popular foods with them (the doner kebab wrapped to eat it while walking was actually invented by a Turk in Berlin), that is also mostly seen as their only contribution.A couple popular Turks made it into high military positions and are respected, while others made it on television.It should come as no surprise then that whenever a Western artist is in need of a villainous character with at least somewhat exotic background but isn't willing to risk being called out on racism or another prejudice, casting a Slav in the role is pretty much their safest bet. The French Portrayed as snooty, arrogant, drinking too much wine, and having bad hygiene. Unfortunately, after the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015 (and to a lesser extent the Germans World War II ended over seventy years ago, but the occasional German or German-American is portrayed with Nazi-esque (or even Imperial Prussian-style) mannerisms, if not portrayed as an outright villain.

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