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Using this DVD instead of downloading the tools separately is important, because the SMTD DVD is bootable, unlike those on which the rest of the tools are distributed, where one is expected to prepare bootable disks oneself.

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It is worth to note, that some updates (even critical ones! for the SSD devices and not even referenced from server support pages.

In such cases, one needs to search Dell support website dell-support using the model or serial number as the keyword.

DUPs are listed last, because they are expected to be run from a production operating system.

Some DUPs, however, contain an ISO generator to create a bootable image which does not require an operating system to be installed, but it is not always the case.

Let us consider a case of a Dell Power Edge R710 featuring 2 x 2T hard drives and a 100G solid state drive, equipped with an i DRAC 6 Enterprise remote access card.

There are generally several avenues that one might take to update the server firmware: What follows are comments regarding each one of those and applicable update methods.

With it, you can simulate physical access to the machine, viewing the screen on boot, entering commands and cycling power.

Unfortunately, Dell has neglected this aging product.

Worked for me on OS X (but this is the link to the Windows solution):

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