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(Not all "technology" is machine-based.) Related to Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale and Society Marches On when it comes to population growth; many of these examples have populations in the low billions and treat it as catastrophic overpopulation, not merely in terms of agriculture but in terms of population density.For comparison to many of the numbers below, Earth's population is 7.6 billion and climbing as of this writing.

have one level of technology, and later installments have more up-to-date technology with little or no Hand Wave at all.

Often turns a work into an Unintentional Period Piece.

Contrast I Want My Jetpack, where the writers The widely available cellphone is a major Trope Breaker, leading to many clumsy explanations for why cell phones don't work in particular circumstances.

And far fewer characters get murdered in a phone booth these days, for instance.

Then, it really was pretty impressive, the joke being that he'd just be using it to play computer games and type out lists.

But There was a time when these specifications would be mockingly contrasted with a then modern counterpart.

In one episode, the characters are all excited because of a new computer game that will be released very soon. This isn't Zeerust, which is about futuristic tech becoming old rather than about modern tech becoming old.

" You see, Technology has marched on, and things like CD-ROMs and VHS cassette tapes and so on have relatively recently become either so little-used as to be obscure, or obsolete altogether.

The mobile phone is actually Older Than They Think, though, especially in the form of a "car phone." While expensive and limited in many ways, commercially available car phone technology dates back to the late 1940s, often with radio used to contact an operator, who then would patch the call into the regular phone system. There is also the matter of smartphones become common devices; with data service becoming common on top of voice/messaging service, looking up information online can done near instantly where wireless data service is available.

It's gotten to the point where you can tell the age of a show on how large their cell-phone is — cell-phones went from being battery-powered with rechargers the size of briefcases, to being the size of bricks with call-time lasting about an hour, turning into slim texting machines, to doubling as cameras, to the slim creations from around 2008-2010 that could make short videos with battery times that can last for days, to the big touchscreen multipurpose internet devices of 2016 that can make long full HD videos and have battery times that barely last more than a few hours.

Well, if a car still works well even after a decade, it can become What a Piece of Junk.

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