Expat dating bangkok

Important: If you change to a Japanese last name, know that you are not legally allowed to use kanji to write your name.

You must continue write your name in English letters!

If you follow only the English procedures, you’ll likely wind up in months of means submitting additional documents and accounts for the reason the process takes 1 to 3 months: One month if you follow the Japanese directions (or my translation, below).

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Korea), then a copy of the family register showing the marriage may be submitted instead.

This chart is meant to show that, while the English site’s general descriptions give the false impression that a wide range of documents might be acceptable, they are in fact looking for very specific proofs- proofs that would not be immediately obvious to anyone who hasn’t done this before.

I will go over each of these requirements in more detail below.

One more piece of advice on turning in documents: If you require an exception to a particular condition- for example, your spouse does not have proof of residence tax payment because s/he is not employed in Japan, call the immigration bureau nearest your spouse’s hometown ahead of time to confirm what would be accepted as an alternative.

Careless errors will lead to delays or possibly rejection of your application. If using a pen, make sure it is a black, ball-point pen, and write in all capital letters. Documents below are listed in the order that they appear on the Japanese checklist.

Japanese bureaucrats like it when documents are submitted in order, with multi-page documents joined by paperclips, not staples.The Co E takes anywhere from 1-3 months to acquire.Once you have it in hand, applying for your visa takes about one week.In this case, you are basically applying for both Co E and visa simultaneously but, since the Co E process is conducted only in Japan, all of your documents will have to be mailed back and forth, lengthening your application process significantly especially if there are any mistakes in your application.The Immigration Bureau has Certificate of Eligibility application instructions on its website, but we learned during application that the instructions in English and the instructions in Japanese are, in fact, vastly different in specificity.If your Japanese spouse is also working overseas, s/he will not have a current and will not be able to fill in the letter of guarantee. According to the Immigration Office’s website, family members of either spouse who are legally resident in Japan can serve as the proxy.

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