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It's your choice to give these situations with men the meaning you want.

If you're criticizing yourself because a guy didn't pick up the phone and call you, you’ll end up feeling more negative and overly-attached the next time you get on the phone and try to have a casual conversation with him, or another man.

He might need some time to figure out his feeling and come to terms with the kind of relationship he wants to have with you.

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Sometimes guys don't like to confront their feelings, so instead they'll just ignore you.

One of the most annoying feelings ever is to be waiting for a text from him, only to get one from someone else, get your hopes up, then be disappointed.

It sucks to stare at your phone and wonder when the heck he’s going to get in touch.

Check out these 10 reasons he didn’t text you back, then get away from your phone and forget about this guy.

Source: Shutter Stock Maybe he thinks you want something serious and he's not ready for that.

If this is the case, he should text back when he remembers.

Maybe he sensed some anxiety from you that creeped him out.

Unfortunately, when it does, women often fill their heads with all kinds of wild stories that only make them feel bad about themselves.

If you think you're making things too easy for him, check out these tips on how to play hard to get.

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