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Anyways I had a guy accuse me of not caring about my own safety because I put myself out there in the woods to be eaten by a bear. I do see there are alot of people with questionable motivations, and most times have a "warped" view on themselves and how they represent themselves.. The number one issue to the bulk of the people, Is that money ? With the masses loosing, the life they had Jobs/homes ..

I then reminded him that I'd met him(a total stranger) on the internet and then agreed to meet him in person (all the normal precautions taken) and I was doing that without my side arm. and ofcourse have unrealistic expectations..."the perfect partner" for instance.

But the idealisation often covers up underlying conflicts that can't be acknowledged, including, at its most extreme, hatred.

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My ex wife was supposedly raped back when she was in college, away on Spring Break...... I like the challenge, adrenaline rush (and reward of a great meal) of it.

apparently the life guard on the beach raped her.....she innocently went back to his hotel room to go watch Mr. Besides liking the outdoors and adverse weather conditions. In this case Do you target a market dealing with non online situations or online situations ?? Think about this, Whats happening in the world today.

This way of being loved is then repeated in future relationships what Freud coined the 'repetition compulsion' and inevitably leads to heartache.

For internet entrepreneurs, this is the perfect customer because they can be sure they will return for more. Some internet daters are only looking for a sexual partner.

He is over an hour late and has telephoned 'Dance Ticket' to explain he has been caught in traffic can she just hold on?

She waits and wonders how typical this is but his profile and their conversation on the phone the previous week seemed promising.

What many of these stories demonstrate is that internet dating is a prolific breeding ground for romantic and sexual fantasies that may have little to do with reality.

A middle aged man rushes into a hotel bar where he is meeting 'Dance Ticket'.

But these templates tend to become fixed in our fantasies when there have been difficulties and traumas.

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