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If anybody has any idea or any specific site that could help me further please help me!

My current site is But whenever I write something to the iframe and it expands the navigation bar also does, making it look like ****...

I have a Dreamweaver template located in a folder called "Templates" - the default and seemingly unchangeable folder Dreamweaver saves files in. When I make a new page from this template, my new page can't find images because the template sees them in this directory: "../resources/images" and the page sees them in this one: "resources/images". I wanted to know if there is a way to have one main page with the template filling the surrounding the page, and then have the inner page be dynamic.

The file in question is part of the background and therefore not an editable region, so I can't just remove the "../" to link the file correctly. This way I only would have one web page, and every link would change the center. Please point me in the right direction to do this with any examples or topics to research. Hi I am designing a form to update a template i have created.

Previously, Dreamweaver has updated the links to wherever I save my file but not today. I'm not sure this is the correct place to post this question. I am trying to use a template for all the pages on my site. When I apply the template to a new page, it appends the path of the template directory to all my links, and won't let me edit them. For example: How do I create the web page for contacts.html? So I don't have an existing URL in the first place. What can i research to accomplish this, other than frames. The idea is to leave the form with a user and they can input details which will update a template i have designed for use with ebay.

I'm not sure in general how templates are supposed to work. Is there a good FAQ on templates somewhere that I can read? To be specific, I need to add content to each page. However i have designed it using javascript and when this updates my template it doesnt actually fill out the data, it is only taking the data from the intial form not actually making a new hard copy with the data?

All you need to do is change the content, maybe some of the pictures, perhaps rename some of the pages.

Then all you have to do is publish it up to the web.What is included with an i3d THEMES Dreamweaver Template?When you purchase a website template from i3d THEMES, you get an immediately downloadable package of files which includes a ready-to-go website.I seen it on a site before, i remember the links were something like "/? And the page appeared to not navigate elsewhere, the cost page was just loaded within the page i was on. and another thing: how can i make to load only the text on the orangebox when i click a side link(e.g:assus) without refreshing the hole how can i put a scroll only on the orange box so i can put a longer text and not to exit from that rectangular space?thank you OK, i've got a comments box for my website, but I want it to be posistioned to where I want, not just above everything else on the page.This means that if you are a business, it's easier in the short term to get the very latest web editor from Adobe, and you do not have to worry about amortizing the software over multiple years.

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