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Still, the number of serious storms this year is higher than average.“None of this is unusual in terms of the number; we are in the peak week of the peak month in what was forecast to be an active season,” said Dennis Feltgen, an agency spokesman.

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On Monday, she was bracing for Hurricane Maria, which was heading straight for the island that she and hundreds of others had escaped to for sanctuary, Guadeloupe.“This year we are cursed,” Ms. ”More than two dozen people were killed by Irma, and on Monday emergency shelters were beginning to fill up on Guadeloupe, Dominica and Montserrat, as well as on the islands of St. Those who chose to stay home were busy boarding up their houses, trimming trees or gathering stockpiles of food and water.

Guyard, 28, said after a morning of last-minute grocery shopping as the hurricane approached. Karine Fleury, 47, a psychologist in Martinique, which was also expected to be hit by Maria, said she found out about the storm only on Sunday while shopping for groceries.

In addition to being the main sanctuary for those evacuating St.

Martin, Guadeloupe has also become the staging ground for the relief effort.

Instead, having escaped the wrath of Irma, Guadeloupe and Dominica were expected to bear the initial brunt of Maria.

But the already storm-battered islands could be affected in other ways.Such endowments are crucial in providing basic supplies to those in need, including water, food and medicine.If you choose to donate online through Global Givings’ Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, Hurricane Maria Secret Bay Staff Relief or UNICEF, all funds will provide immediate emergency relief and longer-term recovery assistance to help residents rebuild.While Dominica fared well in Hurricane Irma’s path in August 2017, Hurricane Maria—which forcefully struck just one month later—left a devastating impact on Secret Bay, our staff, families and our beloved island.Yet, the strength to restore resort grounds and villas has multiplied exponentially by virtue of the outpouring of support from neighboring islands and nations, and we’re thrilled to offer a re-opening date alongside a host of new offerings.In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Morgane Guyard fled St.

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