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When the basic axioms are fundamentally altered, this is not necessarily the case.

provide a small set of basic axioms from which the rest of math can be derived), but math was not developed from these axioms.

Quite to the contrary, these axioms were developed from the already existing useful mathematical system, and hence the axioms somehow inherently have built into them the usefulness of the entire mathematical structure.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is known as NLP among it’s students and NLP practitioners – as it is more convenient and easier to say.

When you hear the words NLP you might associate them with a technique for building on and achieving freedom of thought through better managing your thoughts.

For example, once we have integers (for counting) we can ask the question whether there is any largest integer.

Once we have addition, we can ask the question whether a (b c) = (a b) c.

Mathematicians and scientists use math to model the world by constructing mathematical objects that capture important properties of physical things (while ignoring those properties that are not relevant for the investigation).

Hence, it isn’t as though math just happens to work well for analyzing the world we live in, rather, it was specifically designed for that purpose.

Hence, from the basic useful mathematical objects, a whole complicated structure follows which contains many new ideas relating to or emanating from the original ones.

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