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Her employer can ask for proof at Jennifer’s expense as she has been sick for three days in a row.If Holly’s employer had asked for the certificate when she phoned in sick on Tuesday, her employer would have had to cover the cost.

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If you need an Absence from Work Certificate for a carer the person who is ill must be present.

Consultations for an Absence from Work Certificate are conducted in store by an experienced pharmacist and can vary in length.

Pharmacists are still entitled to charge a fee for their consultation, based on the approximate time of the process, and the provision of the certificate for absence from work.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, pharmacists have authority to issue Absence from Work Certificates to people covered by the Act as proof of legitimate absence from work.

If you require this service it is recommended to call your local pharmacy first to see whether you need to make an appointment.

Fees apply for this service and vary between pharmacies.

An employer may ask an employee for proof of sickness or injury.

Usually proof is a medical certificate from a doctor saying that the employee is sick or injured (or their spouse, partner or dependant) and isn't able to work.

In the “many-odd years” he has been a doctor, he says there has only been one or two occasions “where I have failed to provide a certificate because of that situation”.

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