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Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman John Mc Cain, R-Ariz., and Vice Chairman Byron Dorgan, D- N. g responsibility of Indian By JENNIFER TALHELM Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON — The government would end its long and controversial responsibility for managing American Indian trust lands under a proposed change to a bill settling a decade-old lawsuit by Indians against the government.

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the two sides could not agree which side of the river should house the public buildings, so most public buildings were built on or around Stolp Island in the middle of the Fox River.

As the city grew, many factories and jobs came to Aurora; in 1856, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad located its roundhouse and locomotive shop in Aurora to become the town's largest employer until the 1960s.

Mexican migrants began arriving after the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

Socially, the town was progressive in its attitude toward education, religion, welfare, and women, the first free public school district in Illinois was established in 1851 and a high school for girls came four years later.

And it would resolve all tribal claims against the government for mismanagement. 20 yiears., Phil Center, District Attorney Inspector .';'....:;..'.;, S :'*? '25 years Jdn Mc Kee, California Highway Patrol - Retired 14 years ' Annette Pacheco, state of California Peace Officer 20 years ' Jjtf ^mm f Peace Officer, Dept, of Forestry- Retired.', ...'.

Mc Cain and Dorgan have not agreed to the changes but overnment trust lands have asked their aides to gather input from Indians during ongoing meetings around the country. 31 'years , Carl fyte 9 : MCSO Deputy Sheriff-Retired,'.':.-, ...... 30 years Skip Newell, Deputy Sheriff (Reserve) .;'.:....... 30 years Jeff Sellman, State Parks Peace Officer - Retired 19 years Chief Ralph Landry, police Chief- Retired 48 years Glenn Stark, Ukiah Police Department 16 years Captain Dan Walker, Ukiah Police Department-Retired ..

The lands would remain in trust, but the landowners would make almost all the decisions about land use and all revenues would go directly to the owners.

The proposal also would consolidate ownership of Indian lands, which are now often held by many people.

But several tribes have also sued claiming mismanagement of their lands.

The proposal would end, over a period of 10 years, most of the government's responsibilities to manage Indian lands.

The city was a manufacturing powerhouse until the early 1970s, when the railroad shops closed.

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