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Perhaps, it has nothing to do with the other person at all, L considers, perhaps, this is commentary on L's decision-making abilities. "But I'm sure they're really nice," he amends, and adds nervously, "Say, have you told Raito-kun about this, yet?

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(L still has fond memories of surfing S&M websites with Raito; bathed in the glow of the computer, it was almost romantic.)"I find that I perhaps am being unfair to the investigation, being so frequently absent," Raito says. But L's only good at cryptography, not dealing with Raito when he's acting like a fourteen year old girl--serial killer or not, he still whines like a teenager.

L's instinct is to say that the investigation is going along swimmingly.

Considering it was only an idle and unsubstantiated pursuit on L's part--how would jealousy over a god of death be possibly warranted?

it was a mythical creature, there was no possible way L could be have some sort of affair with it unless he was deeply fond of rubbing vast amounts of historical Japanese tests against his genitals! It was a subject which puzzled L to no end, which in turn only infuriated Raito more, which was strangely attractive and unfortunately addictive, as Raito was cute when he was infuriated, in a dangerous, perhaps the scarfing could become deadly this time around sort of way The problem was that it had escalated, until it reached a threshold which L had calculated mathematically as being "no longer bearable or worth the tradeoff of a steady source of carnality." As it was, L got very little rest.

Raito's eyes narrow."On the other hand, you bring up a valid and important point about time management," L demurs.

It figures, he reflects glumly several minutes later while Raito is tearing off his clothing, that he would be bored by everybody on the face of the earth with the exception of Raito.

Chief Yagami looks enormously grateful, though L supposes this is largely because he Chief Yagami is smart enough to know that his son was not always found nude in the company of L because they were planning on being completely heterosexual with one another, but also hopeful enough to believe that perhaps L has acquired some other form of distraction."Relationships are good for you," Yagami says approvingly.

"But just be careful, meeting people on the internet--you never really know who they are."L thinks that he met Raito in person, and he's still the most dangerous man alive, background checks and all.

At times, L can hardly believe that anybody takes either of them seriously; they're teenagers or just out of that neck of the woods, they can't be trusted with cars or members of the opposite (or same) sex or alcohol, but everybody looks at L like he can answer all of their questions.

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