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Combined with David's three bonus e Books (see below), Double Your Dating covers absolutely everything a guy needs to know about dating.

This really is the most comprehensive dating advice guide available.

- Trance Boy's Guide To Getting 2.7 MB PDFs / Rob J. Troy - How To Get Chicks, Keep Em, Dump Em, And Get Em Back 216.5 KB PDFs / Secret Garden, The By Frances 340.6 KB PDFs / Secrets Of Speed Seduction (Ross Jeffries)205.7 KB PDFs / Secrets_of_seduction-Ron Louis and David 151.1 KB PDFs / Sex - Amargi Hillier - Mind Power Seduction / Wrapster - Ebook - Amargi Hillier - Mind Power 432.8 KB PDFs / Sex - Seduction - How To Seduce A Woman - 3 60.1 KB PDFs / Sex and Common-Sense by A.

Maude 134.2 KB PDFs / Sex 774.2 KB PDFs / Sex Secrets - Sex Tips From a 69.5 KB PDFs / Sexpertise - Secrets Of Total 110.2 KB PDFs / Sex 47.7 KB PDFs / Sexual Survey Results From Over 100 Women!

As David states at the very beginning: DYD is not a novel, it is more like a guide or encyclopedia. Please note The How To Made Easy is not affiliated with the owners, authors or publishers of Double Your Dating.

You shouldn't stop reading until you're successfully doing what it says.

38 Ways To Win An Argument - Arthur Schopenhauer (Communication)53.7 KB Abraham Hicks - Ask and it's given [compact edition]636.5 KB Authentic Happiness [Compact Edition]861 KB Brad P (Dating Guru) - The Shocker.

Now of course im not gonna read all of them, but I wondering if some expierenced people on here can skim through my list real quick and pick out the best ones, thanks.

Allowing your ego to become attached to certain responses from women is the worst shit you can do; you need to acknowledge and counteract this behaviour before you start approaching women.

If approaching and being forward is not your style, you don't have to do that.

Birth Control 44.5 KB PDFs / Health / (health) Get the facts about...

39.7 KB PDFs / Health / (health) Get the facts about...

That's something you need to mend before you really start putting shit into practise.

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