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The more honest you are about your values, principles and beliefs, the more you open yourself up to attracting the life partner who is also a soul mate.2. Take an inventory of your life to see if you're following the pack or following your heart. The soul qualities are the qualities and characteristics that are genuine and authentic.If you know what you really need and want in a mate but settle for what you're told you "should" want, then you'll never be truly fulfilled. When you're "soul led," you not only attract a person who excites you physically, but also one who appeals to you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.6. Some people are fast paced, and other people slower paced.In this life and the next, you’re my only hope of happiness.

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This is why a relationship with a soul mate is so compatible and fulfilling.

“To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox.

Go to places that really interest you and bring you joy. The more resonance we have in our lives, the more we attract people who “match us,” our likes, activities and lifestyle.4. If you're living from a place of wholeness, you will attract whole people, rather than another half that's looking to be completed. This is another reason relationship or dating rules ultimately don't work.

We can't relate in a recipe or cookie cutter fashion.

If you’re serious about meeting your soulmate, then you need to stop dating the wrong guys, and unfortunately, many of us fail to recognize the warning signs that indicate a relationship isn’t built to last.

RELATED: The 7 MAIN Reasons Relationships Fail — And Precisely What To Do About It Seriously, there’s nothing as uphill and frustrating as waiting for your soulmate, so if you want to spare yourself from heartbreak, there are definite signs that your partner is not your soulmate.The memories of all loves merging with this one love of ours -And the songs of every poet past and forever.” ― Rabindranath Tagore, tags: best-friends, betrayal, boyfriends, break-ups, dating, divorce, family, friends, friendships, girlfriends, lost-love, love, loved-ones, lovers, marriage, moving-on, parents, ponderings, reflection, relationships, romance, senseless, soulmates, true-love, unrequited-love “And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.” ― J. the entire complex, fascinating bundle of all the things you are. Every sleepless night, every second of being lonely, every time the car broke down, every wad of gum on my shoe, every late bill and losing lottery ticket and bruise and broken dish and piece of burnt toast."His voice is soft. ""Because it all led me here to you.” ― Lisa Kleypas, “It suddenly made sense.I want you with ten different kinds of need at once. And he would give her everything he had, every part of his soul, even the broken pieces.” ― Lisa Kleypas, tags: inspirational-quotes, intention, law-of-attraction-books, law-of-attraction-quotes, personal-development, personal-growth, personal-responsibility, relationship-quotes, soul-mate, soul-mates, soulmates, spiritual-quotes, wisdom-quotes “I don't care," said Seth. Only twice in his life had he felt this inexplicable, almost mystical attraction to a woman.The soul mate who is your life partner will be someone who is excited about his or her life, and who feels fulfilled.Your soul mate will come from the areas of your life that are the most fulfilling and interesting to you.If you don’t really know yourself, you won’t recognize your soul mate.

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