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Min says it often comes off as fetishising, which “can sometimes be a negative thing because people come in with an idea or stereotype of you.

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What terms and conditions have I involuntarily signed up to?

What kind of separate eco-system do I participate in?

Between the usual fuzziness of Lana Del Ray music and judgements of people’s clothing, an ever-hungry thought — “Am I single because I’m Asian? Does being a gay Asian, or “Gaysian” for those who like combining words, affect your dating experiences because of the way people perceive you romantically?

I set out to try and find what common stories were shared among gay Asian-Australians, and what to expect from just being born into this body.

Min affirms these experiences are definitely linked to racism.

He also believes Asian gay men collectively experience exclusion and negative exchanges in the wider gay community.

“When I was young I felt that I wasn’t worthy,” he recalls.

“I was being rejected by a lot of people and I didn’t know why.” However, most of it changed for him when he went to live in the US.

“I’ve had people tell me that because Simon’s type is tall and Asian, that he’d just trade up to someone younger and hotter when I age in a few years — or even a hot white guy,” Joe says.

“For me, that’s a huge insult given it completely throws out anything else I have to offer in a relationship: watering me down to just my physical features.” When I asked him about his experiences on sexual racism, he quoted the obvious “no Asians” on hookup apps or people not replying after a sent face pic.

” asks Min Fuh, the project lead of A-men magazine and a community health officer at ACON.

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