Dating tibetan coins

The last Sino-Tibetan issues of the 19th century are dated to the 16th year of the Dao Guang era (AD 1836).

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The Kong-par tangkas were struck from 1791 to 1891.

The design of these tangkas remained nearly invariable for several decades.

On the obverse, these coins have an inner square with the date in it.

The reverse of the coins display eight auspicious symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism, which surround a lotus in the inner circle.

It is the last silver coin which was issued in Tibet, and it circulated at the value of 5 srang, although its design is that of a tangka.

The reverse depicts a wheel with eight spokes representing the „wheel of law“ (Sanskrit: dharmachakra, Tibetan chos ’khor) which was set in motion by the Buddha.

Most of these coins bear the same date, 13-46 (1792) regardless of the year they were actually struck (numismatists refer to "frozen dates").

Two types of the Kong-par tangka dated 13-46 (1792) were actually struck in the 1840s and 1850s.

The legend is written in such a way as to fit into eight circles.

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