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Davis quickly acquired a reputation for building good class machines (in particular lightweights).

He also was a renowned builder of sports machines and machines for track racing, and by the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Viking was a well known name in the Black Country around Wolverhampton.

"This race also encourages local people to get more active, and has encouraged more people to cycle in the past.

After all the Lake District is one of the best places in the country to cycle, with people coming from all over to cycle on and off-road through our spectacular landscapes." On Thursday, September 6, riders will race against the clock, cycling from Cockermouth to Whinlatter Visitor Centre in a team time trial.

"In previous years, with just one stage, we saw 50,000 spectators and upwards of £5m for the local economy.

The potential for hosting two stages can only be better, and will take visitors to more areas of our county.

This machine had a 24 inch frame, 26 inch wooden rims and was available in black enamel with nickel plated fork ends and seat stay tops, price was 7:7:0d cash. Davis, the founders son started to help in the business.

He remembered having to build and true a wheel every morning before going to school!

Vikings first catalogue (dated 1908) showed the racing machine The Whirlwind Viking which was priced at :0d cash or :0d if credit was required.

Viking were one of the first companies to offer a gradual payments scheme and also gave a four year guarantee on their frames.

I think it was Lloyd Bracey who started this game of inverting or altering clichés to make them fresh again (a cliché originally being a stencil).

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