Dating someone autistic

Whatever your stance on the subject of romantic relationships are with people on the spectrum, I respect your opinions, appreciate your stories, and am grateful for your advice.

I hope that with more time and understanding we can all embrace each others differences, whether one is autistic or neurotypical.

You have to USE YOUR WORDS, which is actually a much better way to be in a relationship than expecting the other person to guess how you're feeling.

For instance, I would have to say things like "for my birthday, what I really want is for you to get me flowers and then take me out for a nice dinner" and he would be so glad that he knew what to do. Learning to make my desires verbal really turned things around.

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Started to recently develop feelings for a man with this condition, and I was curious what the Ask Women community's experiences have been in this sort of situation. Did you have to take it extra slowly, "wear them down" or "convince them" that they were date-able?

Copying character traits and social behavior of other people is something I started doing when I was around 11/12 years old.

It was a necessity, I had to for if I didn't I would freeze up and come across as a very awkward and shy person (which I'm not, like, at all...).

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EDIT: I also have to add that /u/ruthsart got the thing about copying skills a bit mixed up.

It's not that it's easy for me to do that, or at least: it wasn't in the beginning (it comes pretty easy for me now).

I'm sure just being more open generally when conversing is a good way to go regardless of gender.

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