Dating sites in brussels belgium

The concept of Brussels-speeddating is to improve the get together between people from Brussels as well as from other parts of the world.

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It's typical for both Belgian women and men have active schedules and many committments – including with family – and it can be hard to get a place on their agenda.

Likewise, your Belgian date is less likely to be available for last-minute plans or impromptu dates.

The country is divided into three language regions, where they speak Flemish/Dutch, French and Germany.

Confusing Belgium's distinct cultures or being unaware of Belgian history would not impress your Belgian date.

You can choose whether you would like to participate in English or French.

Belgian dating has shifted to the digital world like elsewhere, as online dating in Belgium and dating apps have increasingly become popular.Thus appearing careless or irresponsible in your habits or manners are not generally attractive traits to Belgian men or women.Punctuality is also a prided trait, and turning up late is a sign of disrepect.Their dependability and calm nature can make them great partners in times of crisis.Good manners and presentation are also key when looking to impress someone, especially when dining.Similarly, if you opt to give Belgian chocolates as a gift or take a Belgian woman to a restaurant, low quality won't win you any points – although Belgian women are not strangers to enjoying a good Belgian waffle or on the street.

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