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Lastly, you’ll be asked to get more personal by sharing other aspects of your life such as your race / ethnicity, religious beliefs, smoking and drinking habits, income level, current job, etc.

Obviously, the last part of the personal information section is optional so if you do not feel comfortable talking about your income or your job, you don’t have to do so in order to complete the profile.

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It may surprise the average person to find out that there’s an online community devoted to helping big and beautiful people find love but there seems to be a niche for everything in dating these days.

You’ll be able to find compatibility and chemistry on the website even before you leave the computer.

It’s not easy being ‘big and beautiful’ in this world.

It may be hard at times for people who have these physical characteristics of being bigger than average or larger than average compared to most people to find love and romance with another person.

The main purpose of the website is designed to give you, the user, the tools necessary to communicate and get to know other members in various ways especially if you have shown interest in them.

There are a number of tools and features available to all users so that each member can meet someone special to share their life with.

The current percentage of women on BBPeople Meet is only 45% compared to 55% for men, making them the slight majority on the website.

As a niche online dating website, BBPeople Meet continues to grow each year as it increases its’ page views, visitors, and number of registered members on a consistent basis.

You can either get a free membership or upgrade to get a paid membership, which will cost you some money each month.

BBPeople like other similar online niche dating websites is owned by the People Media group, which caters to specific demographic groups such as ‘big and beautiful’ people who are looking for dating and relationships.

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