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I'm fine with a company shutting in a well for maintenance etc.

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If the link doesn't work directly, please copy and paste into your browser window. q=First Choice Land Exchange LLC The Mineral Hub In response to your question, If you don't really need the money right now you might want to hold off selling.

While $5000/acre would not normally be a bad offer in this area of Hughes County, I believe you only received it because Trinity Operating is currently drilling two new wells that will include your section (13), and in fact they already has a couple of decent wells in the NW/4 of the section that were drilled in 2015 (The "Clara" and "Willa" wells).

The converse is true also as a bad well could drastically reduce the value of the minerals to a buyer.

Basically this guy is offering to pay you up front what it will probably take years to get on your own once the wells come in.

The two new wells they've started drilling are "multi-unit" wells however, that will include at least two full sections of land (a section of land being 640 acres). I expect they are hoping for a lot from them as horizontal wells spread over more than one section of land are expensive to drill.

You would share proportionately in the production, along with the other minerals owners within the sections included.

I'd try to get some sort of limitation on the shut-in period if you can, but if they just won't do it you could just ask them to throw some more money your way, or increase your royalty fraction etc. SAMPLE: SHUT-IN ROYALTY: After the end of the primary term, this lease may not be maintained in force solely by reason of the shut-in royalty payments, as provided for in this lease, for any one shut-in period of more than one (1) year or for shorter periods which exceed three (3) cumulative years without the written consent of Lessor, whose consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. If you do not do that, the buyer could assume you are selling 50% of the entire tract, not 50% of your 50%.

Without notice of the previous reservation, new buyer could claim your entire 50%, being 50% of the entire tract, even if you only intended to sell him 1/4 of the entire tract (50% of your 50%. Have an attorney draft the conveyance for you if needed. "Mick" Scott CMM, RPL The Mineral Hub We have a lease on our farm that contains clauses that mention \"Provided that Lessor is the current surface owner ... If we have reserved the Mineral Rights and are now selling the Surface rights in a Real Estate Transaction, does the O&G company have to enter into a new lease with the new Surface owner or are the new owners bound by the lease we signed?

At that rate it would take you nearly 10 years to equal the 00 this guy is offering to buy them for now, but more wells could be drilled in the future, possibly increasing your monthly checks.

Another reason to (perhaps) wait a bit is that if the wells are drilled and come in good, you might be able to get even more than 00/acre for the 1.66 acres, or maybe just ask for ,000 total.

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