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When his scientific interests led to mystical studies as to the divided nature of man, he hoped to find some solution to his own split nature.Jekyll insists that “man is not truly one, but truly two,” and he records how he dreamed of separating the good and evil natures.Jekyll was becoming too old to act upon his more embarrassing impulses, but Hyde was a younger man, the personification of the evil side that emerged several years after Jekyll’s own birth.

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At first, he experienced incredible pain and nausea. He hypothesizes that Hyde’s small stature owed to the fact that this persona represented his evil side alone, which up to that point had been repressed.

But as these symptoms subsided, he felt vigorous and filled with recklessness and sensuality. Upon first looking into a mirror after the transformation, Jekyll-turned-Hyde was not repulsed by his new form; instead, he experienced “a leap of welcome.” He came to delight in living as Hyde.

He could not even return to his rooms to get his potions without a great risk of being captured.

It was then that he sent word to Lanyon to break into his laboratory and get his potions for him.

Moreover, the salt necessary for the potion began to run out.

Jekyll ordered more, only to discover that the mineral did not have the same effect; he realized that the original salt must have contained an impurity that made the potion work.

But this dip into darkness proved sufficient to cause another spontaneous transformation into Hyde, which took place one day when Jekyll was sitting in a park, far from home.

As Hyde, he immediately felt brave and powerful, but he also knew that the police would seize him for his murder of Carew.

Jekyll then anticipated the fast approach of the moment when he must become Hyde permanently.

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