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In this article we’ll look at how to backup our databases using the mysqldump utility that comes with My SQL.

Several examples will be reviewed using mysqldump, including the backup of your database to a file, another server, and even a compressed gzip file.

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In order to do so you should access the php My Admin tool available in your c Panel.

Are you using someone else’s backup solution for your My SQL data? Are you sure you’re getting a reliable, recoverable backup that’ll work for your business and your application, and won’t impact your critical processes while it runs?

That array can then more easily be used for sorting and to do the other processing.

Alternatively, you could create a nested array or an array of objects, where each item contains the file name, path, file date and maybe other information.

That way, you can easily separate the process of constructing the array, sorting it, and outputting the information.

Sorting and outputting can use the information in the object, so you don't have to read the file dates from disk multiple times.

First you will need to backup each database with mysqldump command, Automating tasks of backup with tar, Setup a cron job and generate FTP backup script.

You can easily create a dump file(export/backup) of a database used by your account.

This is my entire code: but the output of the files and folders is all over the place.

Please view the attached image to see how it displays the files and folders at the moment: Could someone please advise on this issue? EDIT: This question is not sorting by function will fail and return false all the time. A better approach would be to construct an array that contains the full file paths.

The first thing that you have to do is set up your database.

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