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that the personals were widely popular among the followers of her archival Instagram, and she began encouraging followers to write and submit their own.

But eventually personal submissions "took over the content" of @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y, so Rakowski started @_personals_ just for ads. she chose to eschew the traditional dating site photo profile and make the Personals app text-only because, "You’re learning about the person based on their writing and how they express themselves — what they’re looking for and what they desire.

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The same goes for women who won't give their phone number until the in-person first meeting.

If they're that paranoid about it, they shouldn't even be dating.

The Personals website says Rakowski plans to launch a crowdfunding effort June 13, and the site currently accepts direct donations through Pay Pal to help fund the app's creation.

The text-based app would be a game changer in a dating-app landscape where photos are everything — so keep an eye out for the launch.

Kelly Rakowski, who runs the Instagram account @_personals_, which shares user-submitted text-based personal ads, wants to turn the platform into a full-fledged queer dating app based around the newspaper personal ads of yore. Rakowski tells Bustle the app is nearly ready to be released in beta form."People enjoy texting, they enjoy reading snappy, bite size texts that is both witty and spicy," Rakowski tells Bustle.

In an interview with them., she noted that the Instagram receives more than 400 submissions each month and has quickly grown to 30,000 followers.She said one guy got irritated with her, when he was on the phone with her making arrangements to meet, and on the call he asked for her number then, only because he felt when they would arrive, he could contact her in case someone got lost or something.He backed out of meeting her, simply because I'm assuming it was emasculating for him or something. Or just went with his gut, and figured that this wasn't normal for dating."Lesbians and queers are the people I want to make sure feel welcome to take part in Personals," she tells Bustle.Rakowski notes that there have been "radical feminists who have taken issue with trans people included in [the] Personals community," but she maintains a "zero tolerance policy on transphobic commenters or submissions," and says "those who are transphobic will be blocked."Personals is Rakowski's first app and first startup, and has not taken on any investors or incubator support.I am all for it, since it's a safety issue, and two people meeting online as strangers, but I hear some guys are not cool with this because it interferes with the traditional male courtship process. I know not all men are like this but taking these precautions, even if it avoids one, is worth it - but no, not all men are cool with it. It only takes a small number of bad/scary stories about number exchanges to have everyone out in panic mode.

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