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The lazy girl usually always remains the lazy girl.

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Let's set one thing straight, liars, be them male or female are the worst kind of people to get involved with.

Liars do not tell the usual “white lie”, these women lie constantly.

Often dating goes a little something like this, you meet someo Love is hard to find, there are no two ways about it.

Often dating goes a little something like this, you meet someone you find attractive, you exchange a couple of conversations via text or the phone, you go out a few times, you pretend that they are someone they aren't until you can no longer take it and you call it quits.

This usually means that she is the kind of woman that is difficult to keep around.

Friendships are different from romantic relationships in the sense that friends usually put up with a hell of a lot more throughout the years.Let us get one thing straight, there is a difference between knowing what you want as a woman and being demanding. A lot of men at first, are attracted to this type of woman because they seem self-assured.However, after spending time with one of these ladies men usually find out that it is hard being with a demanding woman.Usually, liars have ulterior motives and should not be trusted, however, most people do not even realize they are being lied to until they are deep in the relationship.Women who lie are often doing something shady and that often involves another man.A lot of women who lie, do it to gain something, be it attention, material objects or to help win arguments.

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