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Most of us work full or part-time, juggle a mortgage or rent with paying bills and often without help from the children's father.

It is sufficient for most of us that you can pay for a date – and the decent ones amongst the sisterhood will definitely return the favour when they can.

The book is written with a lyricism that will draw you in: it starts with the line, “Once upon a time I was a bride…” going on to describe a stomach flu that ruined her wedding entirely, like some kind of foreboding she should have listened to.

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I don't get out much, certainly not after dark with no car, so little luxuries like this brighten my world.

I'm not much of a ‘walk along the beach' kind of girl, but I do love to see the ocean and feel the wind in my hair. Have realistic expectations of what you expect in a woman who will date you.

Fully illustrated and only 40-pages long, you'll knock it over in less than 45 minutes. Blog Posts That Might Help You CAN have everything.

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And if your car has air con and heating, well, you're onto a winner there.

And speaking of dates, the decent ones amongst us don't need extravagance either, except for special occasions.

🙂 No, no, no…not medieval times, apologies for the misleading heading.

I'm talking about being middle-aged and stepping out into the world again to date middle-aged women.

It must be said author Brockway is something of a looker, with a poise and assertiveness most women would die for, her mane of blonde hair and flaming heart tattoo on slender limbs calling out to the reader from the cover of her book.

While this is surely to her advantage for her fabulous dating journey, this book will speak to any woman who has found herself suddenly single – maybe the fact she is such an attractive women means she gets to try it out for the rest of us. ” to the book in agreement and recognition of her stories, but the book is also full of dating hacks that are actually very proactive for those lost on the dating highway, such as how to choose dates from dating websites without much disaster, and how to deal with it when disaster strikes – one of the beauties of this book is that Brockway hasn’t always followed her own advice, so we get to see what happens when it goes wrong too.

My dream date always involves food, but not the expensive sort.

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