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When asked about the Western romantic comedy stereotype of sidling up to a strange but alluring woman at a bar or winking at a stranger on a train, Pump said it’s totally unheard of and almost shocking.

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The Thai guys I know who date Thai girls usually knew them through mutual acquaintances.”“Both Thai men and women are focused on looks when it comes to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

They want light skin, slim, Chinese-looking, if possible,” Tee said.

Pump*, 29, is single and works in the travel industry.

He said that it’s not customary to approach women you don’t know on the street or at a bar. It’s not designed to walk around and talk to people that you don’t know.

You sit with your guy friends, share your tower of beer or whatever, and then go home.

If someone brings a female friend that you don’t already know, that’s like the best chance you’re ever gonna get.”Tee, 28, works in journalism and grew up a bit “hi-so.” (That’s “high society” for our non-Bangkok readers.) “I’d guess at least 50 percent of Thai guys are not brave enough to approach a woman they don’t know,” he said.

“It’s media brainwashing, they want someone with that [slim, boyish] Korean body.

Thai men aren’t usually into a curvy Western or Latin American-style woman,” he said of body preferences.

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