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I fell into an instant and deep connection with a man while on a work trip.

I’m happily married, so there’s no chance of a romantic future, but the friendship has been, and is, enlivening.

He also offers sad men empathy, a warm respite from the cold shoulder everyone gets from neoliberalism (and many men imagine they are getting from women and feminism).

So you may, outside the context of a political discussion, want to suggest that your friend seek treatment for depression, or at least spend less time on You Tube, which can be a cesspool of self-reinforcing masculine ailments and symptoms.

If your friend is indeed a Peterson admirer, I also wonder if he might be depressed and lonely.

Even more than rage, transphobia, or misogyny, the affect most palpable in Peterson’s public appearances is melancholy.

For instance, ads that show interracial or gay couples, or women in nontraditional jobs, have helped our culture evolve.

Ads that depict older people looking glamorous and beautiful—or, better yet, doing things that young people don’t expect them to do, like making scientific discoveries, scaling rock faces, or taking lovers—could help our society progress in similar ways.He cries a lot, and the anger he expresses is of a brittle, depressive sort.I wonder to what extent his appeal lies in giving expression to (as well as providing narratives to explain) male sorrow.activist against ageism, and I’m also starting to get regular requests from marketing and advertising companies that seek my expertise.The latest is from a global advertising company conducting “an exploratory research project to understand modern retirement.” Clearly capitalism and ageism are deeply intertwined, and clearly they just want to sell things to baby boomers, which is why I’ve said no in the past.For those readers who have been dwelling in happy ignorance, Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, best-selling author, and wildly popular You Tube star promulgating backward and deeply unoriginal biological determinism with certainty, zeal, and a lot of Jungian mumbo jumbo.

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